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Locksmith Carnation is a security business that will provide you with the best service you can find and is always located right right around the corner. With 8 years working alongside an amazing crew, our spirits are more willing to improve your overall security than ever. Here at Locksmith Carnation, we provide you with everything you need to make your place a safe one, and we guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.
Our History
In the early 2000s, our founder, Lisa Woods came to this city on a trip and fell in love with it. She enjoyed the people, the festivals, and the breath of fresh air away from the troubled life in the big city of Seattle. After deciding to move in, she opened her own business, and so in June 2008 Locksmith Carnation entered in the field.
When asked why she picked locksmithing for a living, she always answers that she wants to become a solution for a city’s problem. Then, she points out the fact that the property crime rates in Carnation surpass the national average and security hardware can be part of the solution. That same year, most of the neighboring markets and stores called us to install our systems. Now we have contracts from all over the city, and as for 2011, we became the go-to people if you want a service of this kind.
Lisa now has a family of her own, and they run the business together. She might even tell you the story herself so you can feel the same love for this place as she does. Her attitude hasn’t changed, and security and prevention for our city are Locksmith Carnation’s top priority.
Please give us a call whenever you want.